Installation Services

Instrulink LLC offers a variety of installation services. The following is a description of some of the many installation services we provide:


Pump Skids

pump skids installation services









Piping hookups

Chemical feed systems

Water Treatment Plant polymer feeder installations including SCADA interface

installation services chemical feed systems








Control Panels


Pump Controls


Electrical Modifications

Instrulink installation services include pump skids designed and fabricated by others, lift station rehab, media change outs for arsenic and other contaminants removal, chemical process repair and replacement and SCADA upgrades.

There are many other systems Instrulink personnel and associates have installed for utilities and industrial accounts.

Our electrical contracting capability enhances the legality and insurance requirements necessary for these installation services.

Lift Stations

The project shown below is a lift station in Mesa, Arizona. We designed and installed special scouring footings in concrete, including new guide rails. New pumps, new piping and a new control panel were also installed.

lift station mesa az instrulink llc